Period : 9000-7000BCE 9000-7000BCE

By Popular Education Initiative

This period depicts the origin of the new Neolithic Settlement in the Levant region and across the Anatolia and Taurus region. The domestication of animals became more intensive were Cattle, Goat/Sheep, and Wild Hog/Pig became very active. Wheat and Barley still were cultivated in and across the region of Levant. During this period the Indian Subcontinent also got active and Neolithic Settlements like Mehrgarh, Jhusi and Koldihwa came into origin. These Settlements mainly settled in the Fertile lands of Indus and Ganga Plain. The cultivation of Wheat and Barley and domestication of Goat can be observed in Mehgarh whereas the Cultivation of Rice can be traced in Jhusi and Koldihwa. Also, some settlements in the Northern Part of the Hindu Kush like Ap kupruk, etc came into existence. Sedentary farming became active in the Northern African region alongside the river Nile
Settlements adaptation to Crop Farming and Domestication of animals increased.