Period: 11,000 - 9000BCE 11,000 - 9000BCE

By Popular Education Initiative

The period between 11,000BCE and 9000BCE saw the beginning of farming in the Levant Region (Fertile Crescent). The tools used for hunting and farming were made from the Obsidian rocks. This period also saw the shift from Hunting to the Domestication of animals and crops. The domestication of Cattle began in settlements like Abu Hureya, Zarzi, and Zemi Chemi Shanidar where crops like Wheat and barley farming can be traced in Abu Hureya, Hacilar, and Netiv Hagdud. The transformation of Cattle from hunting to domestication gave an impact on the size of the Cattle also. Hence, the beginning of the Neolithic age began in the Mediterranean region.

11,000 - 9000BCE