Neolithic Neolithic: Beginning of Agriculture and Domestication

By Delhi Science Forum Team

Beginning of agriculture and creation of surplus is the key concept of/very central to the idea of Historical Materialism. But did the human beings one fine morning, decided to give up the life of hunter-gatherers and settled down at one place and started agriculture? Where did this all start? In this video we focus on the processes of the beginning of settled life and agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, i.e. present-day Levant, Anatolia and Zagros Mountain region that eventually saw the rise of early state and empires based on irrigation and city life. But before that, there is a fairly long history of domestication of crops, animals and migration of people from one place to another that helped the spread of agriculture as people carried knowledge about seeds, seasonal calendar and other agrarian techniques. About the Speaker: An engineer by profession, Prabir Purkayastha is a science activist and a founding member of the Delhi Science Forum. .. He has co authored a book titled ‘Enron Blowout: Corporate Capitalism and Theft of the Global Commons” with Vijay Prasad

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