Evolution and Human Migration Story of Evolution and Human Migration

By Delhi Science Forum Team

What is the most popular explanation for human existence? We are all created by the God. There is another one, equally dominant in the popular perception that says that we all evolved from apes. But a scientific understanding of evolution tells us that the story of evolution is not one of linear progression from one species to another. While some evolved, others became extinct and many just co-existed. In this lecture we see the story of evolution of the living beings and also discuss what happened differently in case of the human kind. It is mainly the evolution of brain, ability to stand erect, opposing movement of thumps, and speech that gave hominids a niche over other living beings. They could make purposive intervention in the nature and produce tools that enabled their control over immediate environment. Here we see how all of these changes took place and how did the early hominids and finally the modern homo sapiens migrate out of Africa. About the Speaker: An engineer by profession, Prabir Purkayastha is a science activist and a founding member of the Delhi Science Forum. .. He has co authored a book titled ‘Enron Blowout: Corporate Capitalism and Theft of the Global Commons” with Vijay Prasad

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