Popular Lectures on History

“No chronicles, family records, church annals are to be found----a symptom of local rustic production, the idiocy of village life as lived from year to year, absence of the trader’s influence. We have therefore to abandon the scissors-and-paste method. Our history has to be written without solid documentation of episodes, in large outlines.” -----D.D. Kosambi (Stages of Indian History)

Varna, Dvija, Grihastha, Kama, Moksha

New Insights into Some Common Indian Institutions: Varna, Dvija, Grihastha, Kama, Moksha

By Patrick Olivelle

Bronze Age State, Tribes and Archaeology

Bronze Age State, Tribes and Archaeology: Insights from Indus Valley Civilization

By Shereen Ratnagar


Megaliths: Iron, Shifting Cultivation and Tribes

By Shereen Ratnagar (Archaeologist)


The Ganita Story

By S. Dani and Rahul Roy

Beyond Rakhigarhi

Beyond Rakhigarhi: The Peopling of South-Asia Debate

By Meera Vishvanathan (faculty, Department of History, Shiv Nadar University)

Tool Making

Techniques of Early Stone Tool Making

By Vinayak (faculty, Department of history, IP College, DU)